Stop Stressin' Baby


School is back in session! And while that means parties and friends it also means class, teachers and stress. Ease back into the school year by taking good care of yourself. This includes eating right, making time for fun and working out!

Working out can be a wonderful way of coping with the stressors of everyday life. From getting is the saddle with us to taking a yoga class to going on a hike with your best bud, any movement can help. Not only does it allow you time to meditate and reflect on the day/month/year It also is a natural source of generating endorphins triggering a positive feeling within the body, some say even similar to that of morphine.

We all know that stress can be brought about in any way, even with something positive. Proposal, promotion, marriage, even being in a loved one’s wedding - all amazing life events! But even the good stuff sometimes comes with stressful moments. So make sure you continually check in with yourself and take time to get right.

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Revolution is a wonderful place to let go of the day and sweat away your worries. Bring a friend, co-worker, family member or significant other to enjoy in the experience. Treat yourself afterwards and go shopping, grab a smoothie (or a drink if you really crushed class) Take time before or after class to chat with the Trainers and all of Rev staff. They are there to not only enhance your experience but also to share in your success! So after you have crushed your day/week/month, come and get in the saddle with us and feel as the stress melts away. Come in or sign up today and take on this school year with Greatness REVers!!!