Friends That Slay Together Stay Together

New to town? Want to meet new people? Just want a fitness buddy to help keep each other motivated? Group workouts are a great, healthy way of meeting new people and making friends! Obviously, we think REV is the perfect group fitness workout that will not only sculpt your ass but also allow you to meet equally awesome people ;) However, here are a few other options to mix it up and work into your week (when you’re not in the saddle with us!)



Ever had a day that made you want to punch someone in the face? Us too. Group boxing classes involve teaming up with another person for drills. So you can take out your aggression on a stranger or make a new friend! Hurricane Boxing is a spot on Folly road you should check out, before you take it out on that annoying girl in the office next to yours :)



Rock climbing is a great social sport because it requires constant communication. Start indoors, or on a wall, and eventually you might want to test your skills on the real deal in nature and what better way to do that than a trip with your new friends?! But first, practice. A great rock climbing gym isnt too far - check out Coastal Climbing Downtown to get started :)



Fall is here which means (hopefully) cooler weather which means back to running outdoors. No more fear of passing out from heat exhaustion :) Find a group that you can run with and they will definitely hold you accountable!! Click HERE for a list of top run clubs in Charleston and stop the excuses!



Most practices, games and championships end with a beer at any one of the absolutely awesome local breweries Charleston has to offer. Do you honestly need another reason?

Holy City Kickball is a local league that is easy to join! Their website says it all: “This was created to bring people people together in Charleston to have a good time. We focus on group events to socialize with other teams and of course play kickball!” Check them out and find out how to join HERE



CrossFit is all about community and building each other up - whats better than that?! You share goals, achievements and fun with your fellow CrossFitters and help each other reach them together. Becoming the best you while enjoying time with friends is the best way to spend your free time!! Check out Holy City CrossFit to see where you can get started

Get out there and get mingling REVers! And bring your new friends to the saddle so we can approve ;)