Instructor Spotlight - Tylor Willoughby

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Tylor Willoughby is a new REV instructor, but he is so much more!! He is a foodie, music buff, and "dolphin" from Louisiana who likes to Netflix and chill with his dog :) But don't let us spoil the fun, read on REVers....

REV: Where are you from originally? And how long have you lived in Charleston?

W: Originally from Louisiana, about an hour from New Orleans. I moved to Charleston April 1! 

REV: How did you hear about Revolution?

TW: Social media!

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REV: How long have you been a instructor at Revolution?

TW: I’ve been an instructor at Rev since June 2018!

REV: What made you want to become an Rev instructor?

TW: I wanted to become an instructor at Rev because I was ready for something different from my previous studio. I love the freedom we are given when making a playlist and choreographing the class. 

REV: It shows!! How long has physical fitness played an important role if your life?

TW: Physical fitness has honestly only played a role in my life for the past 6 years. Prior to that I was extremely overweight. My heaviest was 220 pounds (I am only 5’6”!)

REV: Way to reach your goals and treat your body right! Other than spin, what is your favorite (outdoor) workout?

TW: I love doing CrossFit and running - just slowly getting back into both of those. 

REV: Good for you! What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

TW: I don’t have a “favorite” snack. Typically I don’t like to eat before I work out. And after, it’s just whatever is easiest for me to get my hands on! 

REV: Haha we can relate :) What is your favorite song to ance on the bik to?

TW: Oo this is a hard one. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf gives me all the feels and has such a great beat! 

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REV: Nice choice. If you could pick any theme for a ride, what would it be?

TW: I’ve been dying to do New Miley vs Old Miley and .... Lana Del Rey vs Lorde

 REV: Now that gave us the feels!! Please do that!! What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

TW: If it’s nice outside - go to the beach. If it isn’t - Netflix, video games and cuddling with my dog. 

REV: Samezies. What is your spirit animal ;)

TW: Dolphin! 

REV: Love that! What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?

TW: Minero 

REV: BEST burrito in town! Favorite place you have traveled to?

TW: Lake Tahoe! So much outdoors stuff to do - it’s literally the perfect place. 

REV: Sucha good choice. Your style in 3 words or less?

TW: Athletic, casual, Lululemon 

REV: Nice! What is your workout mantra?

TW: Sweat like a pig to look like a fox!  

REV: Great one!! Thanks for answering our questions and letting us get to know you a little bit better! REVers, make sure you go visit Tylor at the studio and let him kick your butt into gear!!! See yall in the saddle ;)