How to declare (& keep) your New Year's resolutions


Christmas has gone as quick as it snuck up on us… and so have a few of those extra calories! And with 2019 right around the corner it is time to check in and see how you can make the next year even better than the last.

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be made to be broken so how do you pick something that will lead you to a better you while still being doable? We have created a check list to help you set your goals and advice on how to achieve them. Here’s to 2019!!!

Start Small


If exercising more is your goal, schedule to go 3-4 times a week instead of 7. And don’t beat yourself up if you need to skip a day - just plan on pushing yourself harder when you can get to the gym. If quitting smoking is the plan, cut out smoking by yourself and only allow the casual social cigarette instead of cutting it out completely and ODing on those patches. And if you want to eat healthier this year, replace one bad thing in your diet for another IE trade pasta or white grains for quinoa or another brown grain. This way you won’t feel like you’re punishing yourself and you will be more likely to stick to it.

Humble Brag


Tell everyone your plan!! Friends, family, co-workers and gym buddies - everyone! The more people that know about your goals the more accountable you feel to complete them. And if you start to slip, use your support system to lift you up and remind you that you can do it!

Baby Steps - Change One Thing At A Time


If there is more than one thing you want to change about yourself or your lifestyle, don’t overdue it because that is A LOT harder to stick to. Make little improvements here and there. Sit down and prioritize what you want to change and make a checklist so to speak. That way you are tackling one thing at a time, instead of overwhelming yourself and getting nothing done.

Reward Yourself


Don’t forget to TREAT YO SELF! If you accomplish one of the goals you set, reward yourself with a pedicure or a massage or lunch with your friends. Don’t think just because you are bettering yourself that means depriving yourself of the simple pleasures in life. Treating yourself will continue to motivate you throughout your process.

Ask A Friend For Help


Since everyone you know and love will be aware of your transformation, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your support group wants you to succeed so asking them to hit the gym with you or cook a healthy meal won’t be showing weakness, it shows strength! Just don’t get too high n mighty and make everyone think they have to change their lifestyle to accommodate your new one ;)

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