Rider Spotlight - Meagan Pastorchik

Meagan Pastorchik is one badass little lady. She has a career, a kid and somehow manages to still have a life!! Not to mention a rockin’ body!! And how did she get so fit within a year of having her beautiful little girl? Read on…Prepare to be inspired!!


REV: How did you hear about Revolution? 

MP: I heard about Revolution through Kyle, an instructor. I also knew of Revolution from just being from Charleston!

REV: What was your motivation to get back in shape after the baby?

MP: My biggest motivation to get back into shape was wanting to get my confidence back after having Penelope. I was a new, single mom and my life had changed so fast so drastically. I was scared no one would want me with the situation I had and wasn't sure if my friends would still stick around. Ultimately I wanted to have something to focus on to not stress. And when you're not stressed it's easier to be confident in whatever situation your life is in.


REV: What was the biggest struggle when it came to getting back to your goal weight?

MP: The biggest struggle is understanding that it doesn't happen overnight and that I wasn't going to get back to the pre-baby weight with one workout. It would take time, and dedication to see the results that I wanted. 

REV: What about Revolution made you stick with it when the going got tough?

MP: HONESTLY, Kyle is the reason why I stuck with it....I knew he was who I wanted to be with, so I wanted to keep up with it for him. Other than that, I stuck with it because at the end of the day I know how I wanted to look and feel after the baby. I wanted to feel confident in my own skin, which is extremely hard to do after having a baby. 

REV: What is your favorite song that comes on during your ride? What gets your blood pumping!

MP: My FAVORITE song is WOW by Tiesto! Just listen to it, and you'll love it too!

REV: How much weight did you gain with the pregnancy and how much did you lose since? 

MP: I gained 59 pounds from my first doctors appointment, to the day I gave birth. I've lost about 65 pounds since she was born over the past 11 months. It wasn't a short and easy journey! It took a lot of time and hours to get where I wanted to be. 


REV: Wow!!! Thats amazing! What was your goal weight to get back to and how long did it take you to get there?

MP: After the baby, I don't recall ever having a specific goal weight. And I'm a big believer is not having a goal number weight. I just new how I wanted to look and feel in clothes after, and that's what I worked towards. People get so caught up on a weight they want to reach and obsess over it, instead of how they feel when they look at themselves in the mirror. I probably didn't even step on a scale until about 6 months after having a baby! 

REV: Did you have a support system during this time that helped motivate you?

MP: YES! Having support makes a huge difference in my opinion. Whether it's from a friend, boyfriend, family member etc. it was important for me to have support. Kyle always pushed me in the early mornings when I was "too tired" or being lazy to make time for it. He always told me "you're beautiful just they way you are, at this moment" and that was great to hear even before I lost all the weight. If you don't have a boyfriend or friend to workout with, go to a workout studio, and socialize. It's a great place to meet people working towards the same goal and lifestyle you are. If anyone ever needs a workout partner, message me on Instagram and ill go with you!! 

REV: Are you dieting along with this workout and if so what is your new favorite new mommy-on-the-go snack?

MP: To be honest, I do not diet much. And I wish I had some magic meal plan to offer for advice. I just ate what made me feel good. If I wanted pizza, I ate it. If I wanted a salad, I ate that too. I pretty much listened to my body and ate that way. I've never done crazy diets because I knew I would never stick to them. And I felt that If I did a crash diet and lost weight, the moment you stop and eat the way you used to, your body gains it all right back. Consistency is key when it comes to food I think.

REV: With your schedule changing so much, how do you make time now for working out being a brand new mom?

MP: I don't give myself another option. Everyone in life, especially MOMS, need to make time for themselves. If I didn't make time for me, my sanity, and my health to be and feel my best....how can I expect to be the best I could be for my child? Everyone is busy..I work full-time and raise my daughter and I make time. I may not like waking up at 4:30 am to drive to drop Penelope off at a babysitter, to make a 6:15 am spin class before work..but I just do it. Even if I'm exhausted. And every time after my workout I feel 10x more awake, alert and ready to start my day.

REV: I would say you are an inspiration to women around you struggling w the same issue - what is the best advice or insight you can give women going through the same thing as you?


MP: "If you want something, you will find a way. If don't, you'll find an excuse". And take it one day at a time. Have a goal in mind for yourself for that day only. Like today I'm going to eat this way, take this workout and make it an accomplishment each day. Next thing you realize is that a few months have gone by and you see results!