New Month. New Specials!

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September starts tomorrow and with that comes the beginning of a new season! Fall means football, fireplaces and fabulous pricing specials at REV!! We have three Fall Pricing Package Specials that will get your heart rate pumping and ready to get that tush in the saddle!!

Want to try us out or need something to mix up your workout during the week? The 8 Rides Pass is perfect for you! 8 Rides Reoccurring (2x a week) at $160. Sprinkle in rides at REV throughout the week to keep your workout spicy and interesting :)

New to the area or never been to REV before and want to get in a great workout whenever works and as much as you want? The New Rider Unlimited package is the one! And at $99 for the month, its a steal!! This is limited to NEW Riders only. One time, One Month and not renewable. However this package allows you the time and flexibility to see if REV is the right fit for you!

Coming back to school from Summer vacation and need to get your routine back on track? We got just the pass for you - The Student Semester Pass! The Semester Pass is a 4 month unlimited rides pass allowing you plenty of time throughout the school year to de-stress and refocus :) And a great deal at $480!! Get it before it's gone!!

Come on in to talk to a REV instructor or go online to book your package!! Start your Fall off right with a fun and healthy new routine. See ya in the saddle yall!

SCCC Celebration Ride in Memory of Ashley Kron

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We all know and love Abbey, our fearless and hard working studio manager. As many of you know, she lost her twin sister in May of 2017 suddenly to a very rare form of Cervical Cancer called Neuroendocrine Small Cell Cervical Cancer. On Thursday, August 30th we will be having an early birthday celebration ride in honor of Ashley (September 1) for Small Cell Cervical Cancer.

Neuroendocrine Small Cell Cervical Cancer effects less than 1% of Cervical Cancer patients. Due to the rarity of the cancer the research is lacking. Therefore, they need all the funding they can get for clinical trials, research, treatments, tumor registries and much more. Help celebrate the life of Ashley with a rooftop ride at Uptown Social at either 4:30pm or 5:30pm with a Happy Hour to follow.

If you are unable to attend the rides, or wish to just participate in the Happy Hour feel free to do so. The Happy Hour is from 5:30pm-7:30pm with a $25 donation (if you do not attend the class) Wristband buys house drinks, beer, and wine for an hour. If you purchase a class, the Happy Hour will immediately follow your class from either 5:30pm-6:30pm or 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Classes will be taught by our rock-star instructors Katie Penta and Katie Blaylock!!

You can purchase your ride at anytime, however, sign ups will begin for the week Monday, August 27th at 12:00pm and it will be $25.

If you are unable to attend altogether but would like to donate to the cause you can donate at the link below. You can also make checks payable to MD Anderson and on the memo line write SCCC in Memory of Ashley. For more information on the ride, the charity or the cancer please email

To designate your gift in memory, click the third tab up top - Give in Memory of and write Ashley Kron.

We have the best clients at REV and we thank you for all you give back! With all of these events we are getting much closer to our goal. Thank you all for the tremendous support, help and love. It means the world to us!!! Be thankful each and every day for what you are able to do with your bodies. See you in the saddle :)

Instructor Spotlight - Tylor Willoughby

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Tylor Willoughby is a new REV instructor, but he is so much more!! He is a foodie, music buff, and "dolphin" from Louisiana who likes to Netflix and chill with his dog :) But don't let us spoil the fun, read on REVers....

REV: Where are you from originally? And how long have you lived in Charleston?

W: Originally from Louisiana, about an hour from New Orleans. I moved to Charleston April 1! 

REV: How did you hear about Revolution?

TW: Social media!

tylor 2.jpg

REV: How long have you been a instructor at Revolution?

TW: I’ve been an instructor at Rev since June 2018!

REV: What made you want to become an Rev instructor?

TW: I wanted to become an instructor at Rev because I was ready for something different from my previous studio. I love the freedom we are given when making a playlist and choreographing the class. 

REV: It shows!! How long has physical fitness played an important role if your life?

TW: Physical fitness has honestly only played a role in my life for the past 6 years. Prior to that I was extremely overweight. My heaviest was 220 pounds (I am only 5’6”!)

REV: Way to reach your goals and treat your body right! Other than spin, what is your favorite (outdoor) workout?

TW: I love doing CrossFit and running - just slowly getting back into both of those. 

REV: Good for you! What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

TW: I don’t have a “favorite” snack. Typically I don’t like to eat before I work out. And after, it’s just whatever is easiest for me to get my hands on! 

REV: Haha we can relate :) What is your favorite song to ance on the bik to?

TW: Oo this is a hard one. Indian Summer by Jai Wolf gives me all the feels and has such a great beat! 

tylor 4.jpg

REV: Nice choice. If you could pick any theme for a ride, what would it be?

TW: I’ve been dying to do New Miley vs Old Miley and .... Lana Del Rey vs Lorde

 REV: Now that gave us the feels!! Please do that!! What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

TW: If it’s nice outside - go to the beach. If it isn’t - Netflix, video games and cuddling with my dog. 

REV: Samezies. What is your spirit animal ;)

TW: Dolphin! 

REV: Love that! What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?

TW: Minero 

REV: BEST burrito in town! Favorite place you have traveled to?

TW: Lake Tahoe! So much outdoors stuff to do - it’s literally the perfect place. 

REV: Sucha good choice. Your style in 3 words or less?

TW: Athletic, casual, Lululemon 

REV: Nice! What is your workout mantra?

TW: Sweat like a pig to look like a fox!  

REV: Great one!! Thanks for answering our questions and letting us get to know you a little bit better! REVers, make sure you go visit Tylor at the studio and let him kick your butt into gear!!! See yall in the saddle ;)

Shopaholics Anonymous - New Retail You Just Have-To-Have

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It's that time of night. You are settling in. Getting cozy. Sweatpants are on. And maybe a little bored...

Time to peruse your favorite stores and see what items will be your next victims. Our favorite kind of Safari!!! We have just the thing to quench your thirst!

Wanna look fresh while you bust your ass in the saddle? Us too. New threads coming at you courtesy of Revolution...

Love midi-tanks? We got you. Love lettering that will SHINE under those pulsing lights in the studio while you sweat your tushy off? Ditto!! All of these fitted, sexy tanks will get you feeling right and in the mood to become the new-&-improved you - and all priced at $32.50 means you can snag a few ;) Get em while they're hot!!

REV Rider Spotlight - Rachel Chazen

We all agree that REV instructors inspire us to keep our butts moving. However, a REV Rider can motivate in a very different way. They are there with you in the trenches feeling all the pain (and glory) by your side. They are your teammates helping you push through the climb! Rachel Chazen is no exception.

Rachel inspires, advises and helps people for a living. So naturally, we wanted to get to know her a little bit better! And we were not disappointed ... Read on!



REV: How long have you lived in Charleston and if you aren't from here where are you from originally?

RC: I grew up outside of Washington, DC in the suburbs of Maryland. I decided to move to Charleston 2 years ago to be closer to the beach and to further explore my favorite city- best thing I ever did!

REV: How did you find REV?

RC: At the start of the new year, I was looking to try new and different workouts to change up and incorporate into my routine. I found the REV groupon and purchased the 5 class package. I found myself looking forward to the classes and was disappointed when I had used the series. The REV workout was different than any workout I had done in the past (I'd never sweat so hard in my life!). Now that I am an active member, I continue to look forward to my REV workouts and challenge myself in different ways each time I come.

REV: That's awesome! How many times a week do you ride?

RC: I attend 3-5 classes per week. Working out before work helps me stay focused and alert throughout my day. I also try to mix in some REVival rides on the weekends when I can dedicate the full hour.

REV: What do you do for work and how are you able fit REV into your busy schedule?

RC: I am a Couple and Family Therapist working to help families improve relationship dynamics and behavior outcomes. I am able to fit REV into my schedule by attending the 6:15am classes before work as well as on the weekends. In my business, I try to promote balance and self-care. I take pride in knowing that with my workout routine, I am able to practice what I teach.

REV: That is so great! What got you hooked about this workout in particular?

RC: I love that each instructor brings different aspects to the ride. Their individual personalities push me to spin faster, add resistance, and challenge myself to work my hardest. When I feel like I have nothing left, they help me find a way to give a little more to the workout. The motivation from them, their song choices, and the positivism in the room keep me coming back.

REV: What is your favorite song to ride to?

RC: My favorite song to ride to is always changing. I look forward to theme rides because the song choices always include some of my favorites while also sampling some tracks I haven't heard before.

REV: Have you achieved any personal goals since you started riding? 

RC: Since starting REV, I have noticed that I am stronger, my endurance is better, and I am toned differently than before. My mood is better and I have more energy to bring into my day!

REV: We get it! What is your favorite post workout snack?

RC: After a workout, I typically grab something quick and easy like a hardboiled egg and fruit.

REV: When you are not riding, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

RC: My favorite outdoor Charleston activities include exploring The Battery and Waterfront Park and walking the Ravenel Bridge. I love that I can be active while taking in views of this amazing city!


REV: The city is also known for its awesome culinary scene. What is your favorite (guilt free) Charleston restaurant?

RC: Stella's is my current favorite Charleston restaurant. The classic Greek salad and grilled octopus are amazing!

REV: Yummy!! Since you sound like you like to explore, where is the coolest trip you have taken?

RC: My favorite trip was to Israel. The history, culture, and beauty of the land make traveling there one the best experiences I have ever had!


Thanks so much Rachel! REVers, when you see Rachel around the studio, be sure to say hey! Thanks for the inspiration and insight into your life :) You rock girl!! See you all in the saddle #FYG

Instructor Spotlight - Lauren Wilder


We know how much our REVers love their instructors. They push you, make you feel something, and inspire you! Basically, the best friend and therapist you could ask for :)

This week, we want to introduce you to Lauren Wilder. Dog Lover. Mountain biker. Avid hiker. Want to learn more about this Virginia-Born-Badass? Read on REVer...

REV: Where are you from originally? And how long have you lived in Charleston?

LAUREN: I am originally from Dallas, Texas, grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, went to college at the University of Colorado Boulder, and now I am here :)

REV: How long have you been a instructor at Revolution?

LAUREN: Just a month!

REV: What made you want to become an REV instructor?

LAUREN: I have been cycling for years. I have been road and mountain biking since I was a kid and started rhythm based cycling about 4 years ago.

REV: How long has physical fitness played an important role if your life?

LAUREN: Since I can remember! Soccer was my first love. Growing up, my dad was the team doctor for the MLS Soccer team FC Dallas. Throughout high school and my first years of college staying fit was just part of the job to be able to perform well on the field or in races. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I received my personal training certification and really got into my own fitness goals outside of sports and performance.

REV: So cool! How did you find Revolution?

LAUREN: When I moved down to Charleston in March I met with the King street Lululemon assistant manager Hannah. I had previously worked for the company and knew I could trust their recommendations for studios! She told me about REV and I went and took Katie Penta’s class once I was moved in! Fell in love with the studio and the people immediately.

REV: We know the feeling. Katie Penta is everything. Other than spin, what is your favorite (outdoor) workout?

LAUREN: I love hiking! I went to school in Colorado and grew up in Virginia so I have always loved hiking in the mountains. Fresh air, soul cleansing, nature, animals, that’s my happy place.

REV: What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

LAUREN: Pre would usually be something with peanut butter.. I love peanut butter more than anything!! Maybe a pb&j or apple with peanut butter. Post, I love my protein shakes I make at home. But when I’m on the go from studio to studio, I love my chocolate milk - perfect combo of carbs and protein for recovery!!. Throw my protein powder in there and I’m all set!

REV: What is your favorite song to dance on the bike to?

LAUREN: Touched by Whatsonot- the drops to this song make for a super fun and fast choreo-sequence

REV: Love!! If you could pick any theme for a ride, what would it be?

LAUREN: Early morning!! I love starting my day on the bike! I may enter the room drained and wishing I was in bed but after I always leave invigorated and sweaty. That sets the tone for a productive day with a good mindset :)

REV: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

LAUREN: I love playing with my dogs! I probably spend 2 hours everyday throwing the ball for them. Myah is a 1 year old black lab and Piper is a 7 year old lab/coon hound mix.



REV: So cute!! If you had to choose, what is your spirit animal?

LAUREN: I would like to say lion but many people (especially in my triathlon days wearing a swim cap) say that I look like a prairie dog, and honestly I love prairie dogs! They are so cute and run really fast and they were all over the place in boulder! I loved watching them sprint around and pop up all over fields out of their holes.

REV: What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston (GUILT FREE!)?

LAUREN: OOh this is tough. I love 82 queen when i am going to drop some moolah but taco boy is one of my favorites. I love tacos, any Mexican food, GUAC!!!

REV: Haha! What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

LAUREN: My boyfriend and I went on a 3 month duck hunting trip this past fall and drove a camper from VA up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were away from people and the natural beauty of everything around us was amazing. The air smelled so crisp and cool.

REV: Your style in 4 words or less?

LAUREN: Athleisure 95%, pajamas 5%

REV: What is your workout mantra?


If you want to be inspired, be sure to check out Lauren's class schedule and join her in the saddle! Class times can be found on our website

Lauren and Charlotte her pig :)

Lauren and Charlotte her pig :)

It's 5 O Clock Somewhere

May 5th is almost here and you know what that means!? Cinco de Mayo!! And we have done all the legwork for you to find the best parties in town. From concerts and art festivals to bar crawls and delicious eats, we have got you covered. Get your Fiesta on!!!!

Trondossa Festival 


Love festival season and just can't get enough? Come twirl around at Trondossa Music & Arts Festival from May 5-6 in Riverfront Park! Lineup includes Widespread Panic, Sturgill Simpson and Margo Price. Need we say more?? Gates will open at 1:30 PM on both nights. Get Tickets here!

Taco Boy Fiesta


Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year, and Taco Boy is ready to Fiesta!! And we all know they have the best Margaritas and Tacos in town!!! DJ Trevor D. will be keeping you dancing ALL day, spinning tunes from 12pm-3pm and 5-9PM at Taco Boy downtown! 
No cover charge/tickets required :) Party on!

Cinco de Mayo on King Bar Crawl

In honor of this momentous victory, this bar crawl will visit several of your favorite bars in the Upper King area while enjoying copious amounts of alcohol. Grab your sombrero, poncho, and as always your favorite bar crawl buddies and meet us at The Brick on Ann Street, as we pay homage to our neighbors to the south!

Featured Drinks:

$4 Altos Margaritas
$4 Absolut Cocktails
$4 Mexican Standoff Cocktails (Malibu, Absolut, Pineapple and OJ)
$3 Borracho Shots (Malibu, Pineapple, and Cranberry)
$3 Bud Lights
$4 Angry Orchard Rosé

Get Tickets Here

The 13th Annual Charleston Cinco de Mayo Festival

Carolina's Largest Cinco de Mayo Celebration!! Held at the Visitor's Center Bus Shed, you will be filled with authentic food, drinks, and dance exhibitions paired with music by Orquesta Mayor " Tribute to Puerto Rico"!

Sushi Blue will be this year's official after party venue for Cinco de Mayo Festival. 
For more information on what they have in store check out
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Trident Literacy

Get your tickets here while they last!!

So get your butt in the studio and on the bike so you can enjoy this action packed weekend guilt free!! See ya in the saddle REVers!

Eating Right In CHS - Healthy Spots For A Nosh


We live in one of the culinary capitals in the Nation and one of the most popular cities in the world! There is literally temptation for people who love food on every single corner of Charleston. That makes it INSANELY hard to eat healthy! And you work so hard for that boss body!! 

So we have compiled a list of places in Charleston that will feed that hunger without hurting that waistline. Guilt free dinning out! 

Basic Kitchen


Their "About" page says it all:

Use seasonal, local produce and the best ingredients to create food that’s nourishing and delicious, giving you tons of energy to pursue the things you love.

Basic Kitchen provides delicious, locally sourced meals that are inspired by spices and stories from around the world. Honest food that is good for you. What more could you ask for?

Address: 82 Wentworth St. Charleston, SC 29403


download (1).png

"Fresh local goodness" is the focus at Huriyali in downtown Charleston. "Huriyali's products are sourced from growers who care about the full spectrum of their products and the environment," their website proclaims. If Acai bowls are your thing, this stop is a MUST!! With their delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients from the low country combined with a hippy, floral vibe, you will be nourishing your body AND soul in no time.

Address: 401 Huger St, Charleston, SC 29403



If you are vegan or vegetarian, Dellz Uptown is your heaven. From smoothies, salads, and bowls to wraps, burgers and pizzas (and even Vegan nachos) you can get your freakin vegan food coma on! This place makes eating healthy mouth watering and totally guilt free. Get your cute butt here asap

Address: 511 Rutledge Ave Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Xiao Bao Biscuit


Xiao Bao Biscuit is THE place for exquisite Asian "Soul Food". Dishes are inspired from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Favorite part of the website? "All prepared locally & inspired by kick-ass grandmothers everywhere." Who doesn't love eating the healthy comfort food our grandparents use to serve up?! The menu changes seasonally, with rotating daily specials so everything is as fresh as possible. Fresh fish, vegetables and grains that are prepared in a way that you don't believe its healthy? Done and Done.

Address: 224 Rutledge Avenue @ corner of Spring Street Charleston, SC 


Poke bowls are all the rage now and with places like Beech leading the charge, we welcome this trend with open arms!! "Natural eats, creative techniques" is their motto and they follow it to the T. Clean and healthy eating is totally doable with the help of Beech and their raw and fresh, and unaltered food. Get all the energy you need to conquer your day by starting it off at Beech :)

Address: 315 King Street Between George and Liberty Charleston, SC 29401

Your Summer In The Stars

camping under stars.jpg

Hey REVers - Spring is officially here and Summer is right around the corner! Can't wait and want to know what is in store? We looked to the stars to help you set the tone and make the most of your Spring and Summer! Become more enlightened below with a little help from the AstroTwins...


  • Venus is in your true love house from June 5 to October 8. From 8/8 on Mars will also be there bringing the summer to a love-filled and even somewhat dramatic close.
  • This will be a playful, passionate and highly romantic summer
  • Rams should be bold and take more initiative in affairs of the heart
  • You’ll be attracted to the rockstars and flamboyant, feather-fanning peacock types BUT, choose people with more enduring qualities because stern Saturn is in your house of intimacy from 6/14 until 9/17
  • You could deal with a few trust issues. Don’t be secretive and ask all the questions you’re wondering about. Do your own background checks on anyone you’re interested in too.
  • Make time for nesting while your ruling planet Mars is in Cancer from 6/24 to 8/8
  • There could be a proposal or pregnancy near the August 14 new moon, or you could meet someone new and promising then 


  • In June and July you’ll crave quiet, cozy private time with your sweetie
  • It’s a good time for nesting, meeting the parents or taking family trips
  • Single Bulls could fall for the boy- or girl-next-door type. Mama’s gotta approve!
  • Love could emerge with someone who’s been in the friend zone in July too.
  • Socialize with your sweetie, host a July Fourth party together
  • Stable Saturn is in your marriage and commitment house until 9/17 so you need to make your love is built to last
  • On 8/11, lucky, joyful Jupiter zips into your romance house for 13 months! You could have a romantic renaissance then or start planning a fun future with your honey 




  • Single Gems could meet a great match on Tinder or just while being open and friendly while you’re out and about. Talk to strangers!
  • With Saturn in your house of healthy habits and helpful people all summer, you could meet your mate while doing community service work or at the gym.
  • Expect some misunderstandings while Venus is retrograde in August. You may need to work on communication issues with your mate
  • Talks could turn to cohabitation or starting a family in August.
  • August is also great for taking a family vacation or introducing your partner to your closest friends


  • Spend June washing that ex right out of your hair. It’s time to move on!
  • Passionate Mars will sizzle in Cancer from 6/24 to 8/8 making you the hottest thing in town. If you need to start fresh you’ll have no problem doing that then.
  • On 7/1 and 7/31 two full moons could bring a great long-term partner your way. If you’re in a relationship you could get engaged or take on another shared commitment
  • Stern Saturn will be in your romance house from 6/14 to 9/17 making a lot more serious about love too. Remind yourself to lighten up at times.
  • Venus brings a lot of luxury to your love life too, but careful not to overspend on those dream dates in August!
  • You might even meet someone through work this summer....




  • Be careful not to push your sweetie too far down on the priority list or there could be trouble while Venus is retrograde in August
  • Venus retrograde could also reconnect you to “the one that got away.”
  • You love to be helpful to family and friends but too many obligations can prevent you from having the romantic summer you deserve. Be careful not to overcommit.
  • On 7/1 and 8/4, Venus and jetsetting Jupiter connect in Leo: epic days for taking couple’s vacations or romance with someone you meet during your travels
  • The full moon on the 7/31 will bring a make-it or break-it moment. Decide if you’re in or out
  • This full moon on 7/31 could also bring a proposal or exclusivity clause with someone you’ve been dating casually. 


  • You could be swept away by someone enchanting before 8/11, although this might be more of a summer love than a long-term relationship
  • Some Virgos may choose to end relationships that they’ve outgrown. Give yourself time to feel and heal
  • From 6/24 to 8/8, an online dating situation could heat up or you could meet someone great through the introduction of mutual friends
  • Lucky, bountiful Jupiter enters Virgo on 8/11 (the first time since 2004) and you’ll feel like starting fresh. That might mean giving yourself more “me time” within a relationship
  • Venus will spend one week in Virgo from 7/18-25, which could bring some rapid and passionate developments. This is your time to be the pursuer!
  • The full moon on 8/29 could bring a promising new partner or a more solid commitment from the one you adore 




  • Let friends play matchmaker and give online dating a go. There could be a lucky click or swipe.
  • In August, being a social butterfly could keep you away from the cocoon too much. Don’t forget to include your sweetie in your plans
  • Get some shared relationship goals on paper while Mars is in your long-term planning house from 6/24 to 8/8.
  • You could fall for someone a bit older or more established — even someone you meet through work — in July


  • You’ll be busy developing personal projects this summer, as taskmaster Saturn is finishing up a three-year tour through Scorpio on 9/17. Time for dating will be limited so make those magic moments count!
  • Mars awakens your wanderlust from 6/24 to 8/8. Slip off for 3-day romantic getaways. The change of scenery makes it easier to focus on your partner (instead of work) too!
  • You could meet someone special while traveling in July
  • With Venus and Mars both visiting your career house this summer you could also meet your mate through a work function or an elite (and high-end) gathering.
  • Goals, goals, goals! Coupled Scorpios will enjoy making a five-year plan together. You could even start a business with your sweetie.
  • The full moon on 8/29 will bring a peak romantic moment. You could meet The One or put a ring on THAT finger.




  • Can you keep a secret? From 6/24 to 8/8 you will also crave more private time and could date someone quietly before announcing it to friends and family.
  • Venus spends the entire summer in your travel house making you feel like a gorgeous, gypset goddess. Traveling with your partner will be pure bliss.
  • Venus helps single Sagittarians branch out: you could date someone from a different background, have a long-distance relationship or meet your match while traveling
  • Some Archers will prefer to be single and free all summer, but while Venus is retrograde in August to push a good one away — or get so caught up in your personal projects that you don’t nurture your relationship


  • This will be a seriously sultry summer for Capricorns as planets light up your seductive eighth house.

  • Be careful not to rush a relationship while Venus is retrograde in August.

  • Watch out for jealousy in August too! The green eyed monster could have you in his grips.
  • On August 11, free-spirited Jupiter lightens up your approach to love when it moves into Virgo for 13 months. You’ll feel more willing to leap with your love interest, sharing adventures and traveling together.
  • Single Capricorns could feel the click with a cutie from a different culture or country of origin after 8/11
  • Be bold and put your real feelings out there during the Capricorn full moon on July 1. Take a risk and ask your crush to coffee.


  • Opposites attract! Venus will be in your committed relationship house all summer making you crave a mate who can balance you out
  • On 6/16, the new moon in Gemini opens your heart. You could meet a hot prospect or be inspired to rev up the romance in an existing relationship.
  • Take the lead in love while Mars is in Gemini until 6/24
  • In July, you’ll crave a healthier, stabilizing vibe: do buddy workouts with your honey or try a sport that also gives you access to meeting someone active and attractive
  • The new moon on 8/15 could bring a proposal or a next level commitment with the one you adore
  • Take an enchanted vacation for two when jetsetter Jupiter and Venus connect on 7/1 and 8/4
  • The full moon in Aquarius on 7/31 is a day to be bold and ask for exactly what you want. Or, take a risk and invite someone on a date.




  • With Venus in your house of service, you could meet a great match while volunteering
  • Enjoy more outdoor adventures with your amour: hiking, biking, doing yoga on the beach
  • With risk-taker Jupiter moving into your marriage house for a year on 8/11, your urge to merge heats up. A relationship could move at a much faster pace then.
  • Don’t be shy about talking about the future after 8/11. Honest is the best policy, whether you want to get closer or are thinking of splitting up.
  • The full moon in Pisces on 8/29 will show you want the right decision is. Either way, you need to bring more of your needs into your relationships.

So get out there REVers and give each day the best! It gonna be one helluva year :) #fyg




Take A Dip! Spring Bathing Suit Trends

Our favorite Spring and Summer fashion staple is back!! It is time to start shopping for a bitchin bikini or one piece wonder :) We have scouted the fashion trends that will be hitting the water by beach and boat in 2018 that will still be hot well into 2019. Get your shopping shoes on! 

Warm Tones

Screenshot 2018-03-12 20.16.11.png

From burnt orange to mustard, swimsuits in these warm sunny shades will make you glow from the inside out! Need help deciding if the color in question is a warm hue? If it reminds you of the sunshine, you are headed in the right direction!

Ribbed or Seersucker


Perk? It can double as a bodysuit to make a quick transition from beach to bar! Pair with your cutoff shorts or sarong and you are ready for any outdoor afternoon activity that gets thrown you way :)

Polka Dot Love


An old classic that we are happy to see return! Although, we never really thought it left... Make a retro vibe hip again with cheeky bottoms or sports bra shaped tops.

Frilled Sleeves


Ruffles bring a feminine and girly touch to any beach side bikini! Whether one sided, both sides, just tops or just bottoms, this trend wont be swimming with the sharks anytime soon 

Fruit Suit


Peachy keen!! Lemons, bananas, pineapples and cherries are among the popular fruits adorning the new Summertime prints. Bring a little pop of color wherever you go with these yummy threads!

The best accessory to all of these stylish suits? You're amazing self!! Keep that booty beach ready by getting it in the saddle! Take care of yourself REV-ers and well see you in the saddle :)