REV Instructor Spotlight - Katie Blaylock

Katie Blaylock is a spitfire and if you have ever taken her classes you would agree! She knows how to motivate you even when it’s 7 AM. But we wanted to learn even more about her so we decided to feature her in our next REV Instructor Spotlight! Read on for more info on what pushes Katie…


REV: Where are you from originally?

KB: Winston Salem NC

REV: When did you move to Charleston?

KB: About 10 years ago!!

REV: How did you hear about Revolution?

KB: When Revolution was being built, the owner of oblique magazine invited me to come to the first round of tryouts!!

REV: What made you decide to become an instructor?

KB: I taught spin in San Diego and MUSC, I just wanted to teach more and the style of revolution was amazing!!!

REV: What is your favorite song to climb/sprint to?

KB: Everyone knows I’m the “climbing” instructor...Infinite by Notaker

REV: If you could pick any theme for a ride what would it be?

KB: Climbing Mt Everest!!! Haha

REV: Do you have a favorite pre/post workout snack?

KB: Since I’m the 7am instructor... COFFEE with oat milk!!!

REV: What is the best advice you can give to a first time rider?

KB: Just pedal and dance!!! It takes about 3 classes to understand what the heck is going on!!!


REV: What keeps you motivated and focused on staying healthy when you are exhausted with everyday life?

KB: Life gets so “busy” but the mornings I teach... I’ve got 45 minutes to challenge my riders and encourage them to take on the day!! 

REV: When you are in a rush, what is your favorite HEALTHY snack option on the go?

KB: I’m a creature of habit and green smoothies are my jam!!

REV: If you could cycle through any country, which would it be and why?

KB: Australia!! Never been and always have wanted to visit and if it’s on a bike... let’s gooo!!!!

REV: During your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

KB: Surfing, working out and spending time with my nephews!!!


REV: So cute!!! <3 What is the toughest physical challenge you have ever personally faced and how did you overcome it?

KB: I broke my back playing soccer in high school and was told I might never walk again...a back brace, rehab and willpower... I played college soccer!!!

REV: Damn girl. Good for you!! When you cheat, what is your favorite "bad" food?

KB: KRISPY KREME once a week!!! 2 glazed and 1 sour cream!!!

REV: haha thats awesome! Charleston is such a culinary hub. What is your favorite place in Charleston to eat?? Name one healthier choice and one when ya just don’t give a damn :)

KB: Healthy...OKU!!!!  And rarebit MOSCOW MULES baby!!!!

Thanks Katie for giving us a peak at the woman behind the badass instructor we all know and love! You are always an inspiration on the bike and you keep us pushing our limits :) See you in the saddle everyone!!