REV Instructor Spotlight - Katie Penta


Unicorns, Beyonce and Motherhood - Just a few of the topics we cover in our interview with the one and only Katie Penta. If you know REVOLUTION you know Katie P. Get to know her even better in the latest REV Instructor Spotlight!!

REV: Where are you from originally?

KP: Greenville, SC

REV: How did you hear about Revolution?

KP: Katie Blaylock pulled me aside one day and said this new studio is opening up and I think you would love it. I went to take my first class with her, basically the first week it was open. I was so nervous but I had so much fun during class and felt so great after I was hooked. Totally addicted from day one! 

REV: What made you decide to become an instructor?

KP: I was a new mom with twin girls when I started going to Revolution so I had very little me time but it was my safe haven. I would go ride and walk out ready to be better mom, a better human! When my mom became sick with ALS I realized life is short and you have to go after the things you want. So I auditioned and the rest is history. 


REV: What is your favorite song to climb/sprint to?

KP: Sprinting is one of my favorite things to do on the bike so for me it’s always going to be a sprint over a hill. I love to finish class with Coldplay “Fix You”. 

REV: If you could pick any theme for a ride what would it be?



REV: Do you have a favorite pre/post workout snack?

KP: I don’t like to eat before I workout but after I love to have a smoothie with some healthy fats added to it to hold me over!

REV: What is the best advice you can give to a first time rider?

KP: Don’t hold back and be consistent. Give it everything you can in each class and stick with it.  It takes work but it’s also so fun. 


REV: What is the toughest physical challenge you have ever personally faced and how did you overcome it?

KP: Being pregnant with twins! I loved being pregnant but it was hard to carry two little humans around for almost 9 months. Once I had them I was determined to get back to feeling my best. That’s when I found Revolution. 

REV: What keeps you motivated and focused on staying healthy when you are exhausted with everyday life?

KP: I watched ALS take my mother’s life from her so I have a new outlook on life. Even when I’m feeling tired or rundown I am still so grateful to be here and have the ability to move my body. I also just want to set a good example for my daughters that being healthy is important. 

REV: You are a mommy on the go - What is the quickest best snack for someone who has no time?

KP: I like to make these energy balls.  They have dates, nuts, chia/flax seeds and cinnamon in a food processor. It’s so easy. So I eat those on the run. Or free range hard boiled eggs. I love eggs. 

REV: If you could cycle through any country, which would it be and why?

KP: I’ve always wanted to go on an African safari so I think that would be an amazing way to do it!

REV: During your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

KP: I love going to the beach with my family, riding bikes outdoors, and scuba diving. 

REV: When you cheat, what is your favorite "bad" food?

KP: I’m obsessed with The Daily’s avocado toast with a tomato on it. I could eat that everyday. So good! 

REV: What is your spirit animal?

KP: Unicorn