REV Rider Spotlight - Rachel Chazen

We all agree that REV instructors inspire us to keep our butts moving. However, a REV Rider can motivate in a very different way. They are there with you in the trenches feeling all the pain (and glory) by your side. They are your teammates helping you push through the climb! Rachel Chazen is no exception.

Rachel inspires, advises and helps people for a living. So naturally, we wanted to get to know her a little bit better! And we were not disappointed ... Read on!



REV: How long have you lived in Charleston and if you aren't from here where are you from originally?

RC: I grew up outside of Washington, DC in the suburbs of Maryland. I decided to move to Charleston 2 years ago to be closer to the beach and to further explore my favorite city- best thing I ever did!

REV: How did you find REV?

RC: At the start of the new year, I was looking to try new and different workouts to change up and incorporate into my routine. I found the REV groupon and purchased the 5 class package. I found myself looking forward to the classes and was disappointed when I had used the series. The REV workout was different than any workout I had done in the past (I'd never sweat so hard in my life!). Now that I am an active member, I continue to look forward to my REV workouts and challenge myself in different ways each time I come.

REV: That's awesome! How many times a week do you ride?

RC: I attend 3-5 classes per week. Working out before work helps me stay focused and alert throughout my day. I also try to mix in some REVival rides on the weekends when I can dedicate the full hour.

REV: What do you do for work and how are you able fit REV into your busy schedule?

RC: I am a Couple and Family Therapist working to help families improve relationship dynamics and behavior outcomes. I am able to fit REV into my schedule by attending the 6:15am classes before work as well as on the weekends. In my business, I try to promote balance and self-care. I take pride in knowing that with my workout routine, I am able to practice what I teach.

REV: That is so great! What got you hooked about this workout in particular?

RC: I love that each instructor brings different aspects to the ride. Their individual personalities push me to spin faster, add resistance, and challenge myself to work my hardest. When I feel like I have nothing left, they help me find a way to give a little more to the workout. The motivation from them, their song choices, and the positivism in the room keep me coming back.

REV: What is your favorite song to ride to?

RC: My favorite song to ride to is always changing. I look forward to theme rides because the song choices always include some of my favorites while also sampling some tracks I haven't heard before.

REV: Have you achieved any personal goals since you started riding? 

RC: Since starting REV, I have noticed that I am stronger, my endurance is better, and I am toned differently than before. My mood is better and I have more energy to bring into my day!

REV: We get it! What is your favorite post workout snack?

RC: After a workout, I typically grab something quick and easy like a hardboiled egg and fruit.

REV: When you are not riding, what is your favorite outdoor activity?

RC: My favorite outdoor Charleston activities include exploring The Battery and Waterfront Park and walking the Ravenel Bridge. I love that I can be active while taking in views of this amazing city!


REV: The city is also known for its awesome culinary scene. What is your favorite (guilt free) Charleston restaurant?

RC: Stella's is my current favorite Charleston restaurant. The classic Greek salad and grilled octopus are amazing!

REV: Yummy!! Since you sound like you like to explore, where is the coolest trip you have taken?

RC: My favorite trip was to Israel. The history, culture, and beauty of the land make traveling there one the best experiences I have ever had!


Thanks so much Rachel! REVers, when you see Rachel around the studio, be sure to say hey! Thanks for the inspiration and insight into your life :) You rock girl!! See you all in the saddle #FYG