Instructor Spotlight - Lauren Wilder


We know how much our REVers love their instructors. They push you, make you feel something, and inspire you! Basically, the best friend and therapist you could ask for :)

This week, we want to introduce you to Lauren Wilder. Dog Lover. Mountain biker. Avid hiker. Want to learn more about this Virginia-Born-Badass? Read on REVer...

REV: Where are you from originally? And how long have you lived in Charleston?

LAUREN: I am originally from Dallas, Texas, grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, went to college at the University of Colorado Boulder, and now I am here :)

REV: How long have you been a instructor at Revolution?

LAUREN: Just a month!

REV: What made you want to become an REV instructor?

LAUREN: I have been cycling for years. I have been road and mountain biking since I was a kid and started rhythm based cycling about 4 years ago.

REV: How long has physical fitness played an important role if your life?

LAUREN: Since I can remember! Soccer was my first love. Growing up, my dad was the team doctor for the MLS Soccer team FC Dallas. Throughout high school and my first years of college staying fit was just part of the job to be able to perform well on the field or in races. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I received my personal training certification and really got into my own fitness goals outside of sports and performance.

REV: So cool! How did you find Revolution?

LAUREN: When I moved down to Charleston in March I met with the King street Lululemon assistant manager Hannah. I had previously worked for the company and knew I could trust their recommendations for studios! She told me about REV and I went and took Katie Penta’s class once I was moved in! Fell in love with the studio and the people immediately.

REV: We know the feeling. Katie Penta is everything. Other than spin, what is your favorite (outdoor) workout?

LAUREN: I love hiking! I went to school in Colorado and grew up in Virginia so I have always loved hiking in the mountains. Fresh air, soul cleansing, nature, animals, that’s my happy place.

REV: What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

LAUREN: Pre would usually be something with peanut butter.. I love peanut butter more than anything!! Maybe a pb&j or apple with peanut butter. Post, I love my protein shakes I make at home. But when I’m on the go from studio to studio, I love my chocolate milk - perfect combo of carbs and protein for recovery!!. Throw my protein powder in there and I’m all set!

REV: What is your favorite song to dance on the bike to?

LAUREN: Touched by Whatsonot- the drops to this song make for a super fun and fast choreo-sequence

REV: Love!! If you could pick any theme for a ride, what would it be?

LAUREN: Early morning!! I love starting my day on the bike! I may enter the room drained and wishing I was in bed but after I always leave invigorated and sweaty. That sets the tone for a productive day with a good mindset :)

REV: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

LAUREN: I love playing with my dogs! I probably spend 2 hours everyday throwing the ball for them. Myah is a 1 year old black lab and Piper is a 7 year old lab/coon hound mix.



REV: So cute!! If you had to choose, what is your spirit animal?

LAUREN: I would like to say lion but many people (especially in my triathlon days wearing a swim cap) say that I look like a prairie dog, and honestly I love prairie dogs! They are so cute and run really fast and they were all over the place in boulder! I loved watching them sprint around and pop up all over fields out of their holes.

REV: What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston (GUILT FREE!)?

LAUREN: OOh this is tough. I love 82 queen when i am going to drop some moolah but taco boy is one of my favorites. I love tacos, any Mexican food, GUAC!!!

REV: Haha! What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

LAUREN: My boyfriend and I went on a 3 month duck hunting trip this past fall and drove a camper from VA up to the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were away from people and the natural beauty of everything around us was amazing. The air smelled so crisp and cool.

REV: Your style in 4 words or less?

LAUREN: Athleisure 95%, pajamas 5%

REV: What is your workout mantra?


If you want to be inspired, be sure to check out Lauren's class schedule and join her in the saddle! Class times can be found on our website

Lauren and Charlotte her pig :)

Lauren and Charlotte her pig :)