Dry January: Things To Do That Aren't Drinking

Hey fellow basic bitch. It's that time of year again where we all make that pledge to be better and do better in the New Year. Unbroken resolutions aren't uncommon, usually tossed by the time this blog goes live. We are here to try to help you keep one resolution ...

So you decided to do a dry January. Give your liver (and your wallet) a much needed vacation. But what are you going to do with all extra free time you wont be spending at the bar?? Below is a list to get you started :)

Museum Tours


In your very own backyard, Hell in REV's own backyard, there are tons of beautiful museums filled with gorgeous art and pieces of history. This is a wonderful way to learn about the amazing town you live in without visiting bars and restaurants ;) Plus, you'll learn something! Lets be honest, we could all use a lil culture. 

There is an entire mile in Charleston (aptly named Museum Mile) filled with museums to get you started! Find out about all of them here

Rock Climbing


This kills THREE birds with one stone! You get to enjoy the great outdoors, you still are getting your workout in, AND this is an activity you can do that definitely wont tempt you to drink. 

We suggest getting a few indoor workouts in before hitting the real thing. A great local indoor  place to check out is Coastal Climbing  

Treat Yo' Self - Shopping


OK OK, we know. Not the cheapest option. BUT there is something to be said about retail therapy! Its a new year and you are trying to better yourself by not drinking. So reward yourself! "New Year New You" right?!? 

Pictured here is King Street. In case you didnt know, this is a great place to start

Bike Tours


You work hard every week to get that butt in the saddle and ride! This activity lets you take your skills to the street!! And you cant drink and ride sooo BAM! Problem solved - Get started here!!


See you soon REVers