Letter From The Editor

Life is full of beautiful moments that fill you with happiness, love and joy. These moments are precious and should be held close to your heart. These moments make life worth living. 

But these are not the moments that make you who you are. The ones that mold you. These are not the ones that make you look inward and put yourself back together piece by piece. That happens when you have been beaten to a pulp and are at your all time low. When it feels like you have been hit with a Mack truck and you can't seem to catch your breath. 

These are the moments that make you strong. These moments take you to hell and back. You know how they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger? Cliche? Maybe. But 100% true. What gets you through these times is taking care of yourself; Mind, body and soul. Take time to meditate. Talk to your friends. Do yoga. Cook. Workout. Make a routine and stick to it. Rise above the drama. Regain control of your life and get exactly what you want out of it. And don't ever settle.

A huge advantage is having somewhere like Revolution to weather the storm. The instructors inspire you not only during your workout but beyond the bike. They are there to lean on whenever you need an extra dose of "yes you can". They create a community that is there for you. Every day. Rain or shine. Trust me. If you are ever having a tough time, get your ass in the saddle, sweat out the toxins and the bullshit, and count on your Rev instructor to give you those songs you feel in your soul. Leave everything on the bike. Find your inner strength and find your greatness. Start the rest of your life today.