Jumpstart Your Beach Bod

Wellness Tips To Get You Bikini Ready

Getting your body ready for fun under the sun isnt easy. And finding new and exciting ways to take care of yourself are few and far between. However, thanks to our friends over at www.mindbodygreen.com, we have some new trends to share with you that will make the Summer of '17 your best Summer yet!

No. 1 

The Ketogenic Diet

"The trendiest diet since paleo, Keto is one of the most-searched wellness trends. While plant-based diets are still beloved and going strong, people are intrigued by the potential neurological benefits of this high-fat, low-sugar diet that has been used as an effective treatment for epilepsy since the 1920s and is now being studied as a therapy option for conditions like Alzheimer's and autism.

The main goal of the ketogenic diet is to train your body to rely on fat (instead of glucose) for fuel."

No. 2

This Time Its Personal

"The year 2016 saw one-size-fits-all eating prescriptions take a back seat to individualized nutrition products. In this new year, we expect that trend to continue, with emerging brands taking personalization further than ever. Take a look at Habit, a company that uses clients' DNA to suggest optimized meals. 

Not convinced you need your own bespoke plan? A study published this August adds scientific cred to the trend. It found that "personalized nutrition advice helped people to make bigger and more appropriate changes to their diets than the conventional healthy eating advice which was followed by our control group." That's enough to make us embrace our individuality."

No. 3

Sober(er) Living

"In the past, if someone said they were "sober," it usually meant they were a recovering alcoholic. But over the past few years, a shift has started to occur. We've seen Americans put more focus on health, and the next frontier is our drinking habits.

Breweries like Copenhagen-based Mikkeller are beginning to cater to the connoisseur who wants to enjoy the experience of a well-crafted beer without the buzz. Mikkeller's Drink'in The Sun 13 rates at just 0.26 ABV, but features flavors as rich and diverse as lemon, grapefruit, peach, and apricot. At the same alcohol level, Drink'in The Snow gives you a holiday flavor profile complete with clove, coriander, and orange."

No. 4

Make Way For Mezcal

"The distinctive, smoky distilled spirit has soared in popularity. For the health-conscious, mezcal's traditional, small-batch, rustic origins hold the key to its appeal. Whereas tequila production has largely been outsourced to large-scale factories, mezcal is still made almost exclusively in the Mexican town of Oaxaca, where agave is mashed by hand, roasted in underground pits, and left to ferment in the open air, taking on alluringly idiosyncratic characteristics.

Emerging brand Gem & Bolt is marketing to (of-age) millennials, selling a mezcal infused with damiana, a Mexican herb traditionally associated with healing properties. We'll drink to that."

No. 5

Infrared Saunas


"Infrared saunas are a unique new trend that's gaining major popularity in the wellness community. These saunas use a different type of heat wave—the same that hospitals have been using in rehab and to keep premature babies warm—that permeates the body and raises its core temperature. Because of this, infrared saunas are actually cooler than traditional saunas and reach about 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while traditional saunas can reach nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the heating system is different, infrared saunas also provide different health benefits like soothed muscles and joints, more powerful detoxification, and deeper relaxation...and they make you sweat more."


Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-27900/11-wellness-trends-to-watch-in-2017.html