Waste Not Want Not: Creative Ways To Revive Turkey Day Leftovers

We all love Thanksgiving food. And against our normal day-to-day routine, we always make way too much of it. There are ALWAYS leftovers! And eating them in the same old boring way (EX: Turkey sammies or just eating it as is) can get old fast and you will end up wasting tons. We are here to help you turn those lame leftovers into delicious dishes part deux!

Mashed Potato Pie

Everyone likes white pizza. Prebake yummy pizza dough until the edges are almost golden brown, then smear leftover mashed potatoes, and sprinkle with your favorite fromage. Crumbled bacon is optional (but who says no to that?) Tip: The moister the potatoes the better! 



Thanksgiving Fried Rice

Got a load of green beans and rice laying around? Ya, we all do. Mix stir-fry chopped cooked beans (and any other leftover veggies you may have laying around. kitchen sink method) in oil and add cold cooked rice. Fold in leftover turkey or ham, whichever your fam goes for. Optionally you can add a tiny splash of soy sauce. Serve topped with a fried egg. YUM!

tuker fried rice.jpeg



Want to take this holiday to Canada? Lightly drizzle some hot french fries with warm leftover gravy. If you are feeling extra naughty, sprinkle with crumbled cheese curds for the classic Canadian late-night snack. Gravy also be mixed into risottos, soups and various pasta dishes. So many uses so little time!!



Sweet Potato Soup

For a healthier option, ditch the marshmallow topping, and simmer leftover sweet potatoes with curry paste, chicken stock and coconut milk. OMG right?! You're welcome.. 



Turkey Dumplings

No more plain turkey sammies for you! Toss chopped roasted turkey, carrots, scallions and ginger with egg white to moisten. Stuff wonton wrappers with the filling. Finally pan-fry and serve with soy sauce for dipping.   


Enjoy the Holidays and time with loved ones! And of course, good food :) But we will be expecting to see all of you back in the saddle this week! Take care of yourselves REVers and Happy Holidays!

Check out http://www.foodnetwork.com/thanksgiving/leftovers/creative-thanksgiving-leftovers for more ideas