Halloween Hangover - How To Lose The Extra Pop Rocks Pounds


Everyone has an Achilles Heel. A weakness. Something that, no matter what, no matter how bad it is for them, they crave it constantly and sometimes just have to give in.

If candy is yours, you're totally fu*cked today (or this past weekend, or all of the above, depending on how you party...)

We can relate. So here are some helpful tips on how to bounce back from your candy coma and get on the right track ASAP. 

PS If you are wondering how we party, we have been screwed since Saturday. We need this as much as you..

Lets first get science-y, courtesy of Refinery 29:


It is important to understand why your body feels like it is turning against you after a night of sugary snacks. Refinery 29 breaks it down :

"It enters your bloodstream in the form of glucose, triggering your pancreas to create excess insulin to deal with all that glucose. Because the kinds of sugar in candy — typically sucrose and fructose — are so easily converted into glucose (the form of energy you body prefers to use), your blood-sugar skyrockets. Your body is having a field day with all that sucrose — transforming it to glucose in a snap. But, once all that excess glucose is gone, your blood sugar drops precipitously, triggering the crash. All this excess insulin can make you feel hungry."

Don't Let Last Night's Milky Way Creep Into Today


Since all that insulin is making you hungrier for more bad food decisions than a zombie for brains, it is important to stay strong!! Fight the urge. Eat things like proteins or hummus with vegetables. They break down slower, slow the absorption of simple sugars and can help keep you full without crashing from more sugar. So unfortunately, stay away from those carbs...

We Know You Know... But Drink Tons Of Water 


But not all at once! Space it out over the course of the day, but make sure you drink at least 12 glasses over 12 hours.

Get Moving!!


We know this is the LAST thing you want to hear when you're crashing but working out will help your muscles use the blood sugar instead of storing it. AKA use it's powers for good instead of evil. So we will see you in the saddle tomorrow!