REV Instructor Spotlight - Gina Colella

Meet Gina...

Artist. Dog lover. All around badass. Gina is the newest instructor at Revolution and she will kick your butt! Her high energy and interactions during class get you pumped up and keep you motivated throughout the ride. So we wanted to get to know her more. Read on to get to know Gina Colella....

REV: How long have you been a instructor at Revolution?

Gina: I've been an instructor for about 4 months now. 

REV: What made you want to become an Rev instructor?

Gina: When I started taking classes at Revolution I fell in love and knew that instructing here was a goal of mine. When I asked Katie how she got to where she was and if she had any suggestions for me, she revealed to me that training for new instructors started in 2 weeks. It was definitely a stars alining moment for me.  Sometimes I question if it is real or not because I love it so much!

REV: How long has physical fitness played an important role if your life?

Gina: Physical fitness has played a role in my entire life on and off a field, from starting out as a gymnast when I was very young, than I moved to playing soccer, tennis, softball, and lacrosse. Later becoming an NCAA athlete for lacrosse at a division 2 school on scholarship. To this day staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is a priority of mine.  

REV: How did you hear about Revolution?

Gina: One of my best friends is close with our owners Lindsay and Eric, so she introduced me to Revolution.  

REV: Other than spin, what is your favorite (outdoor) workout?

Gina: My favorite outdoor workout is taking my dog on a run on the beach.  

REV: What is your favorite pre and post workout snack?

Gina: If I eat anything right before a workout it is usually something small and simple like a banana.  My favorite post-workout snack is the chocolate vegan protein shake I make myself as soon as I get home.  

REV: What is your favorite song to ride to?

Gina: It's hard to chose a favorite song to ride to cause I have so many that I love.  If I had to chose, it probably would be Anything by Frank Pole, reminds me of my love Daniel.  

REV: So sweet! If you could pick any theme for a ride, what would it be?

Gina: My favorite kind of music is deep house, so if I could pick any theme for a ride it would definitely be Green Velvet vs. Claude VonStroke.  

REV: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Gina: I have many favorite things I like to do in my free time, some include going scuba diving, going to the beach, playing my saxophone, and working on my art.

REV: What is your spirit animal? ;)

Gina: My spirit animal is definitely a lion. 

RAWR! Get em Gina! See yall in the saddle...