Best Beaches On A Budget

We all need it - A break. A getaway from our stressful, busy lives and hectic schedules. We need to unplug from the never ending, countless stream of emails and text messages and just take a moment to breathe. 

However, planning a vacation can be a stressful process itself, especially if you are on a budget. Below are 3 beaches that you can rock on a budget while feeling like a baller!

1) Longboat Key/ Anna Maria Island, Florida

Florida is famous for it's beaches. All the way from Daytona to Miami to the Keys, there are thousands of gorgeous spots to dip your toe in either the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island are perfect if you are looking for an affordable, relaxing getaway. Pristine public beaches are an option for day trips (and totally free) or renting a condo on a private beach for longer stays. Check out to see condos for as low as $140 a night!

2) St. John, US Virgin Islands

We know what you're thinking: "What?! This place is where Beyonce and Jay Z vacation! How can I afford that on my much less fierce budget?" Well thanks to places like Concordia Eco-Resort you can enjoy the same stunning views that the more affluent guests enjoy at a fraction of the cost!! Plus, with amenities like solar-heated showers, you are traveling eco-friendly. That is totally something Queen B would approve of!

3) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While Myrtle Beach might be one of the more frequented beaches on the East Coast, this means great deals in a place that has more than 100 golf courses, 60 miles of sandy shoreline, and amazing nightlife! If the beach bores you, the bar scene and multiple water parks are sure to get you revved up! Check out AirBnB for the best underground deals (minus the tourists - well, less tourists)

Now go show off those rocking beach bods you have been working so hard on without worrying so much about how fat the wallet is! We will see you in the saddle when you return :)