REV Rider Spotlight - Jackie McKelvey


Jackie McKelvey is a force to be reckoned with. She is not only smart and driven, but works on her fitness like it's her job. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her in the studio, it is hard to forget her. So we decided to sit her down, ask her a few questions (some relevant, some weird) and try and make her sweat. We failed. Cool, calm, and collected is the name of her game. Read below and you will understand.

REV:  How did you find out about REV?

Jackie: I used to live on Meeting St, so everyday I would pass by Rev and see it bustling with (sweaty) people and great energy. I had never taken a spin class before so I didn’t know what I was missing out on. One day my friend asked if I wanted to come to a spin class with her after work, and when I found out she takes her classes at Rev, I was overly excited to finally try it out. I’ve been spinning at Rev ever since.

REV: How long have you been riding and how many times a week do you attend?

Jackie: I’ve been riding since October 2015. It’s been quite the love affair - I typically spin 5-6 days a week.

REV: That is great! Favorite song that gets you pumped on the bike?

Jackie: There are so many songs that get me amped! It’s a tie between "How I Want Ya" - Dawin Remix by Hudson Thames and  "Drop that Low (When I Dip)" by Tujamo

REV: You mentioned you do lots of sports. What are they and how do they help you have a well balanced lifestyle?

Jackie: Right now, I’m playing bowling, bocce, and softball. I also play in kickball and dodgeball leagues. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, so playing sports/recreational activities keeps me sane. It’s not only a way to stay active throughout the week (aside from spinning), but it’s incredibly social and fun. I get to see friends all the time in the midst of our crazy busy lives.  

REV: What a great way to stay active while still managing to keep your social life alive! If you had to write your workout mantra, what would it be?

Jackie: I live by the words “become the best version of yourself.” My goal is not to be better than any other person, just to be better than the person I was yesterday. When I work out and push myself, it’s because it fulfills and inspires me, and makes me a happier, more positive person.

REV: That is not too far off from "Find Your Greatness" so naturally, we agree! You have a very busy schedule with work and trying to stay fit. How are you able to do it all while and still have time for yourself? Also, how do you make healthy eating choices with all the craziness?

Jackie: I genuinely enjoy how I fill my days up, so at the end of the day, the only “me time” needed is laying in bed watching Netflix and Game of Thrones with my boyfriend. I also don’t work on the weekends aside from the occasional house sitting and babysitting, so after sports/working out, I head to the beach with friends and the BF, shop, run errands and all that jazz. It’s a good life!

Best advice for eating healthy - get yourself a Costco membership, buy in bulk and load your kitchen with healthy options! Eating healthy for me is not a difficult or expensive task - I’m a huge fan of frozen veggies. Steam them, season them, add some chicken or eggs for protein, and you’ve got yourself a cheap & quick, healthy & delicious meal. With that said, I never forget to treat myself once in awhile. My love for ice cream runs pint deep, and I-cannot-will-not change that. I don’t believe in self-deprivation!  

REV: Now THAT is our kind of mantra! And we could not agree more. You work hard and rewarding yourself is important. 

If you were a trainer for a day, what would your themed ride be? 

Jackie: CINCO DE MAYO all day every day. So many of my workout jams are by Spanish artists.

REV: Love it! So many of our readers/riders are self starters. Tell me more about your work at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center?

Jackie: I work at The Harbor Entrepreneur Center, a nonprofit dedicated to growing entrepreneurship and scalable companies in the Charleston region. We have multiple programs and initiatives that focus on helping company founders fine-tune their skillsets and take their business to the next level (an accelerator program from startups, Forum Groups for further stage entrepreneurs, etc.). My actual title at The Harbor is “TOWGID” which is an acronym for “The One Who Gets It Done”. My role is just that. I handle marketing and social media, PR, and the planning & execution of all events and programs. We have a VERY small yet fierce team and have had a ton of growth in just two years, so each day is just as exciting and fast paced as the last. I adore my job, the relationships I’ve built through it, and the impact we’ve made on the Charleston community.

REV: What a great way to help out the community and young companies around town! It sounds like your work helps out those who are hungry enough to fight for what they believe in. Speaking of hungry, what is your favorite pre/post workout snack?

Jackie: Pre - an apple and coffee. An apple naturally enhances your energy and coffee, well, is coffee. It's a necessity. Post workout is always an omelet loaded with greens, sautéed veggies and salsa on top. YUM!

REV: Getting hungry!! Ok, now this may sound weird. But I feel like you are the perfect interviewee to ask this: What is your spirit animal? And why.

Jackie: The dolphin! Dolphins are extremely social, intuitive, playful and friendly creatures - four traits I believe I possess. I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist just so I could swim with dolphins. That obviously didn't work out.

REV: I think it is safe to say you turned out just fine. 

Thanks to Jackie for not only being a trooper in answering all these questions, but for making us all laugh. She is a great personality and great energy around the studio, so next time you see her make sure you say hi. She will surely greet you with a smile :) As always, see you in the saddle!