REV Rider Spotlight - Jeff Gerardi

Every REV rider inspires us to be better, work harder, and to find our greatness everyday. We love every single rider that walks in the door at REV. So when one of them accomplishes something huge, we want to celebrate it. Jeff Gerardi is one of those riders. Jeff recently completed 200 rides! This is not only kickass, but it is extremely inspiring to those around him. To honor this milestone, we decided to feature him in this weeks REV Rider Spotlight.       

REV: What was it that first attracted you to REV?

Jeff: I used to drive by all the time and see it and had no clue what it was. I honestly didn't even know what a spin class was until I looked it up online and thought I would give it a shot. I had taken almost a year off of exercising because I was so bored and I knew I needed to try something new.

REV: How long have you been a member?

Jeff: For two years

REV: If possible, do you remember your most memorable ride? If so, what made it the most memorable?

Jeff: One that sticks out is a Beach/Surf them that Katie had one morning. Kokomo by the Beach Boys came on, which is such a cheesy song, but it was the closest I have ever come to tapping out during a class, it was like 10 turns to the right on the knob and trudging through cement. You don't hear that song much, but whenever I do I think of that.

REV: Haha that is awesome! What is your favorite thing about REV?

Jeff: The people are fantastic and it goes by so quickly. I was running on the treadmill for a while and I could not find an easy way to make the time go by. With these classes, I swear I am always surprised that it is finished when it ends. It goes by in a snap.

REV: What motivated you to achieve 200 rides?

Jeff: I love being a regular. For the most part, the same group of folks are there every Tuesday and Thursday, you almost feel like you need to make a phone call of someone is missing. I feel bad if I dont do 3 classes a week. I had my appendix taken out a few months ago and the first thing I asked the doctor was when can I go back to class.

REV: We know the feeling! What is your favorite song to spin to?

Jeff: I have no idea. I am an elderly spinner, 47 years old, so I have to say weeks go by without me recognizing any music. It's fun to hear new things though. I bet I am the only one up there that uses an IPod still. I'm still waiting to hear some Springsteen.

REV: That is too funny! What is your favorite food to eat before/after a workout?

Jeff: I usually come early so the only thing I have before is a 5 hour energy shot. If I do my 3 classes a week, I have zero problem ordering a Sunday Pizza though.

REV: Good for you! Rewarding yourself is important! If you were an instructor for one day, what would the theme of your ride be?

Jeff: 100%, no question, 80's hair metal. Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Guns N Roses, you name it. I already have a ten hour playlist in my head. I think it would clear the room out in 10 minutes though. I would give everyone a lighter for the cool down. Just like the end of every good concert.

REV: LOVE that there was ZERO hesitation with that answer! What is your workout motto?

Jeff: Please don't pass out.

Needless to say, Jeff is a character and a super fun person to interview. Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration Jeff! We can't wait to see you in the saddle (or to call us if we don't show up ;)