REV Rider Spotlight - Valerie Clagett

Every girl dreams of their wedding day: The dress, the band, the cake ... the open bar. And of course, the man! But on top of all the planning, a girl wants to look and feel her best on her special day.

Valerie Clagett didn't mess around when it came to getting in shape for her nuptials. With hard work and discipline she accomplished some pretty remarkable, and noticeable, goals. So remarkable, that we at REV thought it was worth sharing. So we interviewed the new Mrs. Clagett in this month's REV Rider Spotlight:

REV: What was your motive behind deciding to make this change?

Valerie: As superficial as it is, my wedding was my sole motivation. I knew I would have to be the center of attention and take pictures that would last a lifetime. It was a pretty vulnerable proposition and I was so afraid of everyone looking at me, that I decided to make a change.

REV: What was the hardest part about losing the weight?

Valerie: Honestly, it's keeping it off. I've put some back on since the wedding and it's harder to stay motivated without such a strong emotional reaction to something. Now I'm just focusing on looking decent in a bathing suit!

REV: You look amazing! How much did you lose total?

Valerie: 40 lbs!

REV: Wow! That is a total body transformation. Was there any point where you got discouraged and wanted to quit? And if so how did you get past it?

Valerie: It's less that I've been discouraged and more that I keep getting tempted. I love junk food, fried food, and delicious cocktails. I just try to remember how much better I feel when I'm being healthy. I also approach it most weeks as 5 good days vs. 2 cheat days. During the week I try to be super strict with my diet and on the weekend I'll be a bit looser (within reason). However, I won't beat myself up for going out or having a delicious meal.

REV: It is important to keep a balance. Now that you have accomplished a goal you set for yourself, how different is your mindset when it comes to working out?

Valerie: Working out, and spinning specifically, became a bit of an addiction for me. At first it was super hard to get my ass off the couch and go, but now I feel weird if I'm not working out. Luckily, exercise is the easy part - the tough part for me is the food.

REV: What was your favorite food to eat while trying to lose the weight?

Valerie: I am a huge snacker! So for me, I tried to find foods that I could eat and not feel bad about. I relied pretty heavily on Skinny Pop & Pop Chips. Both are delicious, have pretty large serving sizes, and are only 100 calories per serving. They saved me on so many days when I just wanted to nom on something while watching a movie or wanted something that tasted like a cheat between meals. 

REV: What is your next goal you are setting for yourself?

Valerie: My main goal moving forward is to stay fit and healthy. I don't want to weigh a certain amount, but I do want to feel good in my clothes and feel good in my body. When I was at my heaviest I was lethargic and got sick easily. While being skinnier is a huge perk, feeling better about myself and waking up not feeling like garbage is the real win.

Thanks Valerie for letting us in on your inspiration, motivation, and (most importantly) your snack recommendations for losing weight and feeling beautiful! You are truly someone who set a remarkable goal and found your greatness. See you in the saddle!