Spring Essentials

Spring is in full swing! That means warmer weather, longer days, and new products and places that will put some pep in your step. Check out REVLife's top picks below to ensure you have your best Spring yet:


Getting a healthy glow is nice, but there is nothing sexy about damaging your skin. BlokRok is a revolutionary product that allows you to liberally apply your favorite sunblock without all the mess! Simply pop off the top of the applicator, squeeze in your favorite sunscreen and apply. Or use the Bottle Rok-It which attaches directly to threaded-top lotion bottles. BlokRok offers a cleaner and less wasteful alternative to sunscreen application and it belongs anywhere - the beach, hiking, playing sports, and camping - everywhere clean hands and sun protection are essential. Visit BlokRok and use discount code ROKON to get 10% off your next purchase!


Looking to add some chic accessories to your wardrobe? Stacy Perry, Founder and CEO of Sangria in Charleston, saw a void in the luxury retail industry. She wanted to provide women quality jewelry that was both stylish and affordable. Sangria was created to offer an eclectic collection of high quality jewelry and accessories sourcing all of the highest quality materials. Starting at just $10 every woman can afford to sport this trendy arm party by the pool or BBQ!

Parlor Deluxe

There is almost nothing better in this world than ice cream on a hot day! Parlor Deluxe not only understands this but they take it to the next level. Located on the corner of Spring and St Philip, Parlor Deluxe not only serves up hand spun milkshakes and affogato, but you can even get a waffle covered in toppings ranging from Miso butterscotch to toasted cardamom berry sauce. Needless to say, you might have to schedule back-to-back classes with SJ (but it is totally worth it!)

Coffee Kind

Hate waiting in line at Starbucks each morning when you are running late to the office? Wish you could leave your house for the day with a delicious cold pressed coffee in hand? With the Espro French Press Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer from Charleston based company, Coffee Kind, having your favorite morning beverage has never been easier - or tastier! The Espro press represents the first significant upgrade to the press brewing method in decades. It uses a unique metal micro-filter to filter coffee twice, preserving the flavor by letting coffee oils in and keeping coffee grit and fines out.
Tip for the best brew straight from the guys at Coffee Kind: Add 4oz of coarse ground coffee for 18oz of water. Let coffee grinds soak in press with water overnight or around 12 hours and plunge in the morning. This will make a concentrate and can be mixed 1:1 ratio with water or milk. 
Visit Coffee Kind and enter discount code REVCOFFEE at checkout to get 20% off your Espro purchase!

Check back soon for more inspiration, ideas, and trends on the way to finding your greatness in REVLife!