Revolution Resolutions - Your Guide To Setting (& Keeping) Your New Year Goals

We all do it. Maybe it's the thrill of the countdown or the bubbles. The clock strikes midnight and all of a sudden we claim the next year will be our healthiest/richest/happiest year yet. Great in theory, usually doesn't pan out in execution. 

Setting a realistic goal that you can actually accomplish in 2017 is the best way to set you up for success and keep you hitting the gym well after February. Doesn't mean you can't reach your dream goal, but take it on in smaller steps. And while we can't help you become richer, follow these steps for finding your resolution and we do promise you will be a healthier and happier you.

Step 1: Baby Steps

Setting a few, small, attainable goals is step 1 to accomplishing your larger than life goals. Take the time to write down your main goal (whether that is a number on a scale, a number on your waistband or taking on that hiking trail) and then break it down into smaller steps. If your goal is that hiking trail, start with stair climbers, then add a backpack, then fill that backpack etc. 

Step 2: Keep A Journal

Once you have laid out your plan, write it down and keep track of your progress. Include things such as how you felt that day, if your workout was a breeze or you barely made it through, and what type of food you had that day. This is will allow you to recreate those good days and minimize the tougher ones.  

Step 3: Take Time Off

It is just as important to give it a rest than to hit it hard. Listen to your body. You are doing new things. Give your body time to adjust and recuperate so you don't end up burning out.

Step 4: Reward Yourself

Treat yo'self! Giving yourself a reward at the end of accomplishing each goal will keep you motivated towards reaching the next step. You will look forward to it and get competitive with yourself to see if you can get there quicker. As long as the "treat" doesn't undo all your hard work, go for it!

Step 5: Change It Up

Keep your workouts interesting! Don't stick to the same routine everyday. That is the quickest way to bore yourself and also feel like your plateauing. Want to make it past February? Mix it up! 


So get your cute butt in the saddle and start accomplishing your Revolution Resolutions!!! See yall in 2017!